This is how Crediter finds your loan


It often takes just 24 hours between your free loan request at Crediter and the personal offer you receive by mail. What happens during this time? The answer: A whole team of experts works for you to find the best financing.

Elsewhere, a prepared bid may simply be taken out of the drawer when a new prospect comes forward. Crediter, however, works completely different. Here, the credit professionals are always looking for the best loan individually.

It is simply a fact that the same loan is not the optimal solution for every loan seeker. A self-employed person is seen quite differently by the banks than an employee, a retiree quite different from a career starter. Different banks specialize in individual target groups and certain types of financing. Whoever has the corresponding knowledge for Crediter can bring together the best matching customers and banks.

Your loan without any cost

Loan without cost

It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to find a really good solution even in difficult cases. Crediter has been providing loans to its customers for more than 40 years and can therefore draw on an impressive wealth of experience.

The individual preparation of free loan offers is a matter of course at Crediter. Simply sending a standard offer to anyone interested would mean depriving the loan seeker of his or her chance of getting a truly optimal loan. But Crediter always wants to find the best possible solution for you and therefore creates a personal offer for you – tailor-made for you and your needs.

To find the optimal loan, the credit professionals are looking at up to 20 different banks. They compare the conditions and negotiate intensively until they can present you with a really good offer at the end.

The research and negotiations are sometimes quite time-consuming – but it rarely takes more than 24 hours to get a concrete offer on the table. And yet you do not have to pay a penny pre-payment.