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With Crediter you can query the conditions of 20 different banks with a few mouse clicks. This is a great advantage over a request with only one bank directly.

However, some customers are worried about their private credit score: they fear that a large number of inquiries from different institutions could worsen their credit rating within a short period of time. Is that something?

Of course, Crediter takes the worries of borrowers seriously. But they are unfounded – because of course we make sure that no prospective customer has any disadvantages with his loan request now or at a later date. Your request with Crediter is therefore private credit-neutral and does not affect your private credit score.

Your private credit score remains unchanged

Your private credit score remains unchanged

Only in a few exceptional cases can a minimal deterioration of the private credit score occur for a few days. But after about a week, this effect has disappeared again. It affects anyway only a negligible number of customers. For 99 percent of all credit seekers, the request from Crediter does not change the score value.

This is an important point to keep in mind when making a loan comparison on your own. Because if you ask four, five or more banks in parallel for a loan, this can certainly lower your chances. These individual requests are – unlike the loan application with Crediter – not private credit-neutral.

Our advice therefore: If you want to compare the loans of up to 20 banks at once, use our online inquiry. The service is free and does not obligate you to anything.