Credit Check: What is my income for a loan?


Your income plays a crucial role in the bank’s credit check. Finally, the bank wants to know if you will be able to pay the agreed loan installments on a regular basis.

In addition to revenue, regular spending also plays a role in the credit check.

Our form for your online loan request contains a field where you can enter your income. Our urgent request: Be sure to provide truthful information! In the further course, the banks request proof of their income, in particular current salary statements. If the verification results in deviations from what you have previously stated, the search for a suitable loan must start all over again. These avoidable delays only cost valuable time.

That is why your statements on revenue and expenditure must be 100 percent correct, in your own interest.

Even if you have a low income, please state it truthfully – generous “rounding up” will not help. Our credit experts can often help you in very complicated cases. But you have to be informed about your actual financial situation.

Successful credit check

How high does your income have to be so that you can get a loan? As a rule of thumb: You should earn at least 1,300 euros net per month. In individual cases, financing can also be realized with a lower income. If your own income is not sufficient for a commitment, it may be useful to look for a co-applicant.