Consumer Organization advises: Compare loan offers


Anyone looking for a loan should not under any circumstances sign the first offer – especially not with the house bank, which often offers existing customers very bad conditions.

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For many years, Crediter has been advising loan seekers to first compare (or compare) several loan offers and only then to sign up for the most favorable bidder.

There is also confirmation from the Stiftung Warentest : “The savings potential is huge,” say the experts and advise you to always look at several offers.

loan compares for you

You can go the hard way in finding a loan and get a dozen or more offers from different banks. Or you can make it easy and let Crediter do the work.

Crediter is not a bank but an independent service provider. This means that we are not obliged to a bank, but can act exclusively in the interests of our customers. And that’s why we always suggest the best loan from the best bank. Your request at Crediter is private credit-neutral, so it does not usually affect your private credit score. By contrast, if you ask bank after bank on your own, you risk deteriorating your score.

Fast to loan with Crediter

Fast to loan with Crediter

Crediter is fast, flexible and friendly – our customers confirm this time and time again. In our experienced lending experts, you will find real partners who really want to help you with your loan search.

  • The first step to fresh money is your free loan request.
  • On the basis of your financing requirements and your personal data, our credit experts collect various offers from several banks – in extreme cases with up to 20 different institutions.
  • The credit professionals immediately recognize which loan is really best for you and send you this offer by email and then by mail.

Especially important: the complete research and the offer cost you a cent. There are no pre-payments, no pre-paid processing fees and of course no expensive shipping of documents by cash on delivery.

Just call credit

You can rely on the terms and conditions in your loan offer. The interest rates remain exactly as favorable as stated – expensive surprises are excluded shortly before the signature.

With Crediter, nobody wants to “persuade” you to a loan. We are simply looking for the optimal financing for you and present you your possible loan Black on White. And then you can decide in peace at home. Without time pressure, without jostling.

If you decide to take out the loan, sign the loan agreement and send it back. After being approved by the bank, it usually only takes a few days until the loan amount is received in your account.