Your instant loan: If it has to go fast


Sometimes you suddenly need money. What to do, if then the Dispo is already exhausted and the credit cards are at the limit? A quick instant loan can be the best solution in this case. Crediter specializes in fast loans with or without private credit, and since we have 45 years of experience and the best banking contacts, we can often help you immediately. Even if others have already refused.

Free request in five minutes

Everything at Crediter is geared towards finding an uncomplicated and fair loan for you as quickly as possible. This begins with the time-optimized online request, continues with extremely fast processing of your loan request and ends with the express payment directly to your account.

Why can credit loan help you faster than others?
You can get your credit at Crediter via an easy-to-use online form. We ask you for exactly the information that is needed for the quick processing. We leave nothing, because that would only lead to unnecessary demands later (and cost time). And we do not ask for irrelevant information, because we know that your time is precious.

Automatic instant check and expert service

Immediately after submitting your loan request, you will get a first proof that Crediter works extremely fast. After a few seconds, you will see the result of our automatic instant check on the screen.

And then it goes on and on. At Crediter and its partners, experienced credit professionals work hard to ensure your loan. The professionals negotiate directly with the banks and often clear your loan within a few hours. The special feature: from the first moment you have a personal contact person. You can reach him by e-mail and by phone and therefore always receive an expert answer to your question. But do not worry: you do not have to pay a penny for this comprehensive service. Because at Crediter you always get your loan without any cost.

Support from professional to payout

Once your loan is approved by the bank, you will receive your offer free of charge by mail or post. Also included is a checklist that shows you the quickest way to credit. On it you will find information about the further process and information on which documents may still be needed. This can be, for example, a current proof of earnings. Again, if you have any questions, just contact our friendly lending experts: you will get a reliable answer as soon as possible.

Your personal credit professional will assist you until the loan is credited to your account. So if it should “hook” somewhere, Crediter is there. We have the extensions of the decision-makers at the credit banks and can therefore if necessary even a little “gentle pressure” exercise, so you get your money really fast.

Crediter fights for you and helps you to uncomplicated instant loan. They enjoy maximum support and never have to pay a penny in advance. Are you really looking for a loan “somewhere” on your own when it comes to every hour? Or would you rather not immediately get the best possible help?

If you choose the second option, you can get your loan right here .