Crediter helps, even if your bank has said “No”


Looking for a loan? Crediter helps you – even if others have already declined a loan.

For example, many large banks have virtually no chance of getting a loan with negative private credit characteristics. Even the house bank, where you have had your account for years, often rejects the loan request within a few seconds. Cre-loan is different. Here everyone gets a fair chance on credit.

There is no request for us. Even if you have already received quite a few cancellations, Crediter can in many cases help you to get fresh money.

“For other banks, the loan application was rejected,” for example, reported recently, a satisfied customer at the independent rating portal quareviews. For Crediter, however, the loan request was “easily fulfilled”. The conclusion of the customer: “Would recommend the provider.”

Cre-loan helps – the conditions for a loan

Cre-loan helps - the conditions for a loan

Crediter has very few requirements for a loan:

  • Your income as an employee, civil servant, retiree or self-employed should be at least € 1,000 per month
  • Your residence must be in Germany

A positive private credit information, as most large banks demand it, is expressly not required.

Bon loan is your partner even in difficult cases. You can now ask free of charge for a loan of 200 to 100,000 euros – and often you will receive a concrete loan offer in just a few hours.

Try it now. Guaranteed without cost and without obligation: