Is there a risk in your loan request?

You always hear from dubious offers on the Internet and in the classified section of the newspaper. Since loans are offered in seemingly unlimited amount to allegedly tempting interest rates. However, anyone who asks specifically and would like to have such a loan is often asked once to pay: An offer you receive from the […]

Instant loan even in difficult cases

With an instant loan, you can quickly get fresh cash. You can pay bills, balance your account, or use the loan amount for all sorts of purchases. In order to get credit at your house bank immediately, you have to fulfill different requirements. A positive private credit information usually belongs to it. Instant loan with […]

Forget about credit calculator!

With a loan calculator, you can purportedly calculate your personal loan in less than a minute. But is that really true? The answer is unfortunately sobering: In most cases, credit calculator is nothing more than a nice gimmick. You notice this at the latest when your PERSONAL loan offer has nothing to do with the […]

Consumer Organization advises: Compare loan offers

Anyone looking for a loan should not under any circumstances sign the first offer – especially not with the house bank, which often offers existing customers very bad conditions. For many years, Crediter has been advising loan seekers to first compare (or compare) several loan offers and only then to sign up for the most […]

This is how Crediter finds your loan

It often takes just 24 hours between your free loan request at Crediter and the personal offer you receive by mail. What happens during this time? The answer: A whole team of experts works for you to find the best financing. Elsewhere, a prepared bid may simply be taken out of the drawer when a […]

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