Make two out of two: consolidate payday loans and save money

Do you also pay back two or more loans at the same time? Then you are like many other consumers in Germany. They also transfer credit installments to different banks month after month – and this multiple burdens can permanently overflow your head. Especially if the income remains the same, but the other costs rise. […]

Why is a loan without private credit more expensive?

If a “normal” financing through German banks is not feasible because of “negative private credit”, then the credit without private credit becomes the focus. Some interested parties would like to accept this loan, but hesitate because of the increased interest rate. They ask us why non-scholar loans are more expensive than other loans. That is […]

The five biggest mistakes in loans

With a loan you can fulfill your wishes. Thanks to small installments, even large purchases are very easy to finance. However, there are some hurdles on the road to perfect credit. So you do not stumble, you should avoid these five most common mistakes. Mistake 1: You sign a loan agreement without comparing offers If […]

Here is your loan request

With Crediter you can query the conditions of 20 different banks with a few mouse clicks. This is a great advantage over a request with only one bank directly. However, some customers are worried about their private credit score: they fear that a large number of inquiries from different institutions could worsen their credit rating […]

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