Credit Check: What is my income for a loan?

Your income plays a crucial role in the bank’s credit check. Finally, the bank wants to know if you will be able to pay the agreed loan installments on a regular basis. In addition to revenue, regular spending also plays a role in the credit check. Our form for your online loan request contains a […]

Your credit: why “more” is often better

You have your finances under control and strive to save – that is sensible and correct. The less you pay for a product or service, the more your account will be spared. “Less is more”, this old saying is justified in many areas of life. However, when it comes to the “right” loan amount, it […]

Credit for a job change? You must pay attention to this with your request

If you have recently changed your career and now want to take out a loan, you are facing a problem: The banks often require a certain minimum length of employment after a job change. Usually it is about a year, sometimes a longer period. In any case, the probationary period must be over, and after […]

Crediter helps, even if your bank has said “No”

Looking for a loan? Crediter helps you – even if others have already declined a loan. For example, many large banks have virtually no chance of getting a loan with negative private credit characteristics. Even the house bank, where you have had your account for years, often rejects the loan request within a few seconds. […]

Pay in advance for a loan? Better not!

They need money and maybe even urgently. They search online for a quick loan and will – apparently – find it. But now caution is announced: Will the provider help you free of charge? Do you get your loan offer and your loan contract without pre-payment? Only then is it a serious offer. However, if […]

Your instant loan: If it has to go fast

Sometimes you suddenly need money. What to do, if then the Dispo is already exhausted and the credit cards are at the limit? A quick instant loan can be the best solution in this case. Crediter specializes in fast loans with or without private credit, and since we have 45 years of experience and the […]

Is there a risk in your loan request?

You always hear from dubious offers on the Internet and in the classified section of the newspaper. Since loans are offered in seemingly unlimited amount to allegedly tempting interest rates. However, anyone who asks specifically and would like to have such a loan is often asked once to pay: An offer you receive from the […]

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